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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Even as a *******.....I would have to say Sampras. 8 titles in 9 years for Sampras. Similiar to Nadal 7 titles in 8 years at RG.

Federer is 7 titles in 10 years. Still very very impressive.

Out of the three however Sampras is the most impresive....since there were more Grass Court threats.

Nadal is playing in a weak cc era and Federer in a weak Grass era. They would have still won the same ammount with stronger competition.....cause they are so damm good. Still it did not happen.....Sampras has a better dominance than Nadal.
what?? Sampras and Federer have both won 7 titles in 10 yrs since they won their first Wimbledon. Federer has been to one more final than Pete, and overall has been more dominant in his victories (less sets, games lost).
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