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Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
With Federer gone he can win Wimbledon again. He beat players like Nadal and Tsonga pretty easily when he won there.

The RG part is hard. I'm sure he will win it once, but will depend on Nadal and his injuries in the next few years. If Nadal is done (don't think that at all) he will be the favorite there.
Wimbledon I still think it would be tough.

Murray has been good on the grass for years. Winning the Olympics must take pressure off coming into Wimbledon next year and the years to come. Murray is the better grass courter than Djokovic....and should win in most cases.

Nadal....last year...Djokovic was impeccable. I think it will be different next time around on grass.

Tsonga....Djokovic will win each and every time. Could tire Djokovic a bit by taking a set.

Del Potro....the guy is improving on grass.....gave Nadal fits at 2011 Wimbledon and troubled Federer at the Olympics. If he improves and get never know.

Raonic and Tomic....guys who are up and comers. Can play well on grass....they may upset. Tomic....will take longer( bec he is a brat that doesn't work hard) even though the most suited to the grass than Raonic. never too old to win.

Djokovic can beat all the guys above.....and out of the top 4...he is the weakest on grass. Things have to go his way in the draw or he plays like 2011 again for it to happen.

I know Djokovic will prove me wrong....but to me it always felt weird to see him win Wimbledon. It can only feel equally weird if Murray wins French Open.... that can happen if Nadal is upset or doesn't play.
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