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Originally Posted by Djoker91 View Post
I've been having trouble with the ball sailing long. I think I used to do this when I was much younger and much better. I was a decent 16yo and it was because of my forehand. Good to hear someone else does it. I'm so sick of it going long, that if I rip one and it hits the net tape I would be THRILLED. they ALWAYS sail on me. This might fix my woes mate. I'll let you know after I hit tomorrow.
it's fundamental that the racket face is closing as it is traveling around the body. Your arm dictates so. That's your first clue. Sports just amplifies (and glorifies) the human mechanics.

Topspin FH/bh shot is produced by a good mix of low2hi, forward motion and some racketface closedness. If you remove any component, the other components will go out of whack and your shot will be very erratic. Don't let anybody tell you that you can do without any one component.

And that's my 2 long paragraphs in a sea of posts dedicated to this phenomenon called topspin.
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