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I am a 3.5-4.0 long time Aeropro (original) user. I had been hitting a Prestige Pro recently and loved the solid feel and extra control. I was struggling with the Prestige being a little too unforgiving for me.

I had no intention of trying a 6.1 100 but hit it when a friend was demoing several racquets. I really liked it and ended up buying one. It has the similar solid feel of the Prestige, probably because of the foam filled handle. As others mentioned, it is light. I added about an ounce of weight and love it.

Great pop on serves, excellent control, very stable, very solid feeling and much more forgiving than the Prestige. I get excellent spin and find it much easier to flatten out the ball when needed compared to the Aeropro.

I also find that it looks, feels and swings like a smaller racquet. It is longer / narrower than most 100's which is probably deceptive. The main downside mentioned by most is the light weight. This obviously is an easy fix with some lead tape. You have the added bonus of being able to set it up with the exact balance that you like.

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