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Originally Posted by MTF07 View Post
LOL, Since when is Courier a great grass courter? He was pretty lousy on grass. Roddick, Hewitt and Nadal are clearly superior grass players to Courier. Hewitt is more accomplished than Rafter on grass and Nadal is more accomplished on grass than anyone on that list minus Becker, who was past his prime when he played Pete.
Hes not a great grass courter.. But talent wise hes superior then 80-85 percent of the guys Fed beat to get his wimbledon titles regardless.

Thats questionable to say Roddick is better as well. How many wimbledon titles did Roddick win exactly? Roddick was better on hard courts than he was on grass.. As was Courier superior on other surfaces besides grass. But courier was clearly more talented then Roddick ever was. Not even close. Hewitt was FINISHED after 2005..

Hewitt got his wimbledon title during a completely CRAP 2002 wimbledon where a baby Nalbandian makes the finals. He is NOT superior to Rafter on grass who should have won 1-2 titles himself if not for Sampras or Goran completely zoning in in 2001

Even an old Becker is better then a freaking prime Roddick or Hewitt on grass. Please

And Nadal was a young buck when Fed beat him at wimbledon.. Not what he would later become there. Baby Nadal on grass better then Courier, Agassi, Goran, Rafter etc..? I dont think so. Maybe better then Courier.

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