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Originally Posted by fed_rulz View Post
yet Pete came a cropper against baby Fed... now why would that be?

the way I look at it, Nadal defeated Federer (the GOAT) in 6 of his wins; Federer defeated Nadal in 2 of his wins (another GOAT candidate). whom did Sampras defeat in 7 of his wins? Borg? himself? Laver? Federer?

so in terms of "dominance", Federer's easily surpasses Pete, and is more similar to Nadal's (though Nadal's is at a higher level).
The only thing that match proves is that Federer and Sampras are in the same class on Grass. On another day, Sampras could've won. It was that close. But yeah, it does negate the weak-era argument Sampras fans bring up.
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