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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
For me, golf is all about minimizing the bad mistakes. If you can just keep the ball straight (pretty much regardless of distance), you'll score OK. If I'm playing that "long par 4", my goal is bogey. Par is just luck.

With putting, nobody makes more than maybe a third of putts outside of 5 feet. Even pros only make around 50%. So while putting is important, its really lag putting that will help you score. Chipping and pitching to the "smart side" of the hole to make your lag putt easier.

You'll hit a few "great" pitches, chips, and putts, but mostly its just about putting in spots that give you the best chance to make the next one.
Interesting stats! I've always loved putting, as a kid I would be on the putting green in the practice area until it went dark. Friends would want to go on the driving range, but putting has always been the part I enjoy the most.

People seem to over analyse their swings and it causes more harm than good I find, if your mind is concentrating on 5 things at once, you tense up and that's when things start to fall apart, in my experience.

With putting, it's just about being precise. There's no greater feeling than making that 15-20 foot putt and hearing the ball rattling it's way to the bottom of the hole Give me that over a 300 yards drive anyday!
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