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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Yes, pretty much on target there.
One caution and honestly not promoting MTM here, but just pointing out keys here.
Careful with the old unit turn term, as it plays into some confusion as well. Doesn't hurt
anything to use it of course, if it's all very clear to you, but the
unit turn is often described as this immediate turn fully to the side the ball is
coming to, like in the classic book "Visual Tennis", with the racket full back.
Check out some vid and you likely can see how touring Pros tend to stay sort
of chest on to the ball as the move to it, why we call it stalking it. The unit
turn as demo'd in vid and books shows a near complete shoulder turn right off
the bat, which would be an awkward way to move to the ball.

This is also how the confusion seeps in as related to stalking, as the unit turn
is a quick turn to a position, where stalking is a turn to that side that tracks
the ball path with the 2 hands on the racket unless there is a long run to the ball.
You normally turn to track the balls with eyes and shoulders, with the hands on
the racket in front of your chest or shoulder.
So this is why stalking is never so static as the instruction for a unit turn seems to be.
Stalking is more of a moving position where you cover ground and work the shoulder turn
with the racket in a position to start the loop you mention.
Excellent analysis 5263, because there is a lot of confusion on this subject. The picture of fed clearly shows his shoulder turn has been made, but he is not even close to having the racket take back complete.
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