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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
You mean like he was gonna win USO as well, right?

***** and their stupid jinxes.

Not gonna happen.
Yes, I was wrong about Federer winning the US Open. But hey, what's the fun of making predictions if you don't try to shoot the moon. This isn't cancer research were doing here on TT. Since I know you have all my posts on a printout in front of you, check my 2011 RG predictions. Pretty good, eh. Anyway, bump my thread when Fed goes on a huge tear and takes it all. I'm going to enjoy watching him beating Nole in the finals of Shanghai for starters. Not that I dislike Nole in the slightest, it's just that I'm starting to really enjoy watching Federer play. He's pretty good, you know. Something zapped my brain in the five months that Nadal has been out, and I realized tennis fandom doesn't have to be a zero sum proposition of rooting for one guy and hating the rest. Both Federer and Nadal have had spectacular careers; the achievements of one don't detract for the achievements of the other.
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