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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I think the Ki 5x is the Ki 5 with a longer handle. I've tried them both. I haven't tried the 5G or the 7G, but I would suspect the same thing. I thought it was odd at first that the Ki 5x seemed to have a grip made for a two-hander while the Ki 5 didn't. Duh? It's just there to give it extra length!

I know that many people think the 7G is more powerful and more stable than the 5G. I think the same can be said for the Ki 5x versus the Ki 5 because I notice that difference as well. I think all of that is explained by the extra length.

I think we all understand how longer length equates to more power (greater leverage). It's a little harder to understand the greater stability. I think it's kind of like how a car is made more stable just by increasing the wheelbase. A bump in the road will affect the car less because the angle of deflection is less. The same thing works with a tennis racquet. A ball going at a certain speed will cause the head of both racquets to deflect the same distance, but the angle of deflection over the length of the racquet will be less with the longer racquet, and that's what you feel in your hand.

I'm sure the physics PhD's, like Stoneage, can probably explain that better than I can.
Thanks Ramon for the explanation. I wonder also if the vibrations are less because the head is a bit further away from the hands.
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