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Originally Posted by Justin-JP View Post
Why should standards not change? We're not talking dimensions of the court but advancements in equipment technology used to play said sports. Every sport has seen some technological advancement, no matter how small, and will continue to do so as companies push out their latest and greatest 'new' tech. Some are gimmicky and some work (poly), and some push it too far (spaghetti strings).

Anyways, you've killed your own argument by using modern tech and with a spin friendly open pattern to boot. Not only that, the only reason you're not using a poly is that is does not suit your style of play and is hard on your arm. You then begrudge anyone else's game where poly works for them. These are hardly valid reasons.
Was there something wrong with tennis back in 1980? Absolutely not! In fact, tennis was more popular in the U.S. in 1980 and more people played tennis in 1980 during the wood ear than they do now. So obviously people back then had no problem with wood racquets and gut strings and probably liked them more than they like the modern graphite racquets and poly strings of today, which is why more people played tennis back then than they do now.

I did use a wood racquet a few years ago and still was able to beat players who used modern graphite racquets. I stopped because they crack easily and I didn't want to break mine. I would be more than happy to go back to using wood racquets if everyone else would as well to even out the competition. In fact, I'm a huge advocate (along with McEnroe and Navratilova) of going back to wood racquets. Tennis was so much more pure back then. I use the racquet I use now because it's the closest thing to a wood racquet still on the market.
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