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I got my really strong hitting 4.0 bud to show up on Friday to the RoseGardens, Euclid and Eunice in Berkeley. Around noon.
Usually, a bad looking but 4.5 doubles guys shows up around then. This guy uses same racketface on all strokes except serve, Hawaiin grip.
Henry, the little Chinese guy who got bumped to 4.0 a month ago usually shows up around noon.
Amy, a former No. ONE Norcal A woman might show up, but she can't run anymore, still has a A/Open woman's forehand.
I"m recovering from a pulled shoulder, when my harness line snapped after going a full minute at 27 mph at Berkeley. I couldn't let go fast enough. I can play, but 1/2 speed forehands and serves. Don't know how backhands are gonna go, but I can hang with my volleying. Haven't picked up a racket since it happenned on Monday last week.
Let's shoot for RoseGarden, just before noon, on Friday.
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