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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
By tweener I mean something like my APD Original... 100" head-size, lightish, designed for power/spin/baseline play.

As well as a tad more control, feel, solidness and build quality, the important aspect for me is frame stiffness, RA. I know the way frames are categorized in this regard can be imprecise or up for debate whatever, but FWIW, 67 or 68 or so, that seems to be a stiff as I like a frame.

Reports on the APD 2013 having a 74 RA scares me... The Juice 100 appeals to me, but the 72 RA does not... There are certain frames I've played in the past (TF 315, MG Extreme Pro, PDR) that all seem to be about 70 RA and I just haven't been able to tolerate the harsh vibrations etc... The new Extreme 2.0 slightly intrigues me (though memories of that older Extreme are bad)... but The Yonex 100S is kind interesting me again.

Anyhow, there seems to be a fair number of tweenerish frames out there that would probably suit me - but a lot of them are like 70 or 70+ stiffness.

So... and the best tweenerish frame out there that won't shred your arm to pieces is...?


What is your static weight and swing weight preference on a tweener stick?
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