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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
They really need to get rid of that stupid cortex strip. Don't they know we can just use a dampener if we don't want vibrations? If we do we can have the option of not using a dampener. Take note Babolat (cortex) and Wilson (BLX) stop making up technologies where there was no problem to begin with. I'm not even going to start with the B.S. Dunlop is trying to con us with, with the aeroskin technology. Some of this stuff is really getting stupid.
Ha, funny you say that because I was recently down at a some park hitting with a friend and i see a group of kids with Babolats, BLX's and such and i listen very carefully and they seemed to be bragging about which technology worked better. After they switched around their racquets ( only heard some kids ), they were like " I'M DOING SO GOOD, THIS FEELS SO AERODYNAMIC " ( keep in mind, this was the Dunlop ) and for the Babolats..... " SO THIS IS WHAT NADAL FEELS LIKE WHEN HE PLAYS, THE CORTEX IS LIKE ANOTHER SHOCK ABSORBER!!! " the sad part was, was that he was using a pure drive.
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