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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
^^^ Murray, I'm used to 320g + and about 330 SW, but I could come down on these specs. I am prone to tinkering. I definitely don't want to go too hefty, though I have a horrible habbit of liking/exploring more players type frames with a tad more solidness (such as the one in your signature.) I'm also a sucker for a frame that swings sweetly (C10 Pro, being a good example).
Not to get too off topic but I do have two not so tweenerish suggestions. As Meaghan had suggested in the Holics thread the Volkl X10 has the sweet swinging feel of the C10 but with the (end the point now)power of a tweener type frame. Also the IG Prestige Pro the leather removed and a Babolat skin feel installed brings down the static weight to a more user friendly 11.9-12 ounce(with overgrip) and gets the balance closer to about 5 points hl. Still plenty solid and powerful as the balance helps make up for the loss of static weight.
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