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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
...We were on the farthest court from the tournament desk and one of our opponents was a foot faulter. My partner said to him 'you foot fault everytime, I don't want to walk all the way to the TD to get an umpire so stop.'

...Foot faulting is cheating no matter how slight--just like calling a ball that barely catches the line out.
I find the scenario as described believable and have heard it done by others--I can hardly wait to utilize it myself someday--IT WORKED! It was more expedient then walking to the far end of the tournament site dragging an official over. I've seen much worse behavior at tournaments with the officials standing around doing nothing, just yesterday in fact.

You don't get suspended for a foot fault, granted it was a rather gargantuan foot fault. If it were deemed bad sportsmanship then there would be a warning, then a point violation, a game, and then match. Given the situation, that the perp was warned and continued foot faulting, I think it was a cool way of making the point.
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