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While I agree with this overall, no way would I rank Muster ahead of Fed at this point, 5 FO finals compared to getting past QF twice and one final is just too much of a gap IMO even if we presume Muster's peak level on clay was better than Fed's (which is something I personally think).

Courier is a different matter, I think he's underrated as a claycourter, one could certainly argue he should be ranked higher than Fed on clay.
I didnt say I would rank Muster above Federer on clay. I only said one could definitely make an argument to rank Muster above Federer on clay and it wouldnt be at all unreasonable. Muster had 2 years he was far and away the Worlds best clay courter. Federer never was this. Muster also has won Rome and Monte Carlo, the 2nd and 3rd most prestigious clay court events, twice each. Federer has never won Rome or Monte Carlo. Lastly while I dont think the numerous tiny clay titles should be overemphasized it is still worth noting he has 40 clay titles.
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