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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Just remember to stock up on the Wilson as who knows when they will switch to BT7. I can't imagine Babolat keeping two process for gut going just for Wilson and Prince.

I find 17 gauge VS to be more comfortable, a tad more spin and power than 16 gauge. As far as durability, you get about 10% more from using 16 gauge and probably 20% more using 15g but I wouldn't bother with that. Unless you break strings like crazy, I would stick with 17gauge.

If I had to use 15gauge VS, I might as well just use X1 17g instead.
When I was playing with open string pattern hybrids I gradually migrated from 17g to 15g mains. You do lose a little power, I can't honestly say I experienced a noticable change in control or spin, but durability was significantly better. Comfort was great too.

I've been playing 18x20's for a while now and because of the dense pattern, strings seem to last much longer - not dropped below 16g gun mains.
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