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Originally Posted by WhereIsMacMac View Post
yeah, like these technologies are patented?
Doesn't matter if they're patented or not MacMac, or am I missing your irony? Either way, BreakPoint got my train of thought, the whole reason for my rant/p155-take is that you cant beat the old racquets! NCode, Biomimetic, VCore, they're all just made-up words invented by some idiot in a suit who has no idea about tennis and needs to justify his existence to his bosses by bewildering the racquet buying public. "How about NanoFuse? It's when we fuse the nano things together to form a new stronger/flexible/powerful frame that's better than all we've done before and anything made by our competitors and the best there ever will be (until I think of the next bullsh1t word . . . )
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