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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
By "takes away too much feel," what are you specifically trying to feel and how does this "feel" help? The only thing that occurs when you hit a tennis ball is a collision between a 60 gram ball and a 300-400 gram racquet with strings. That collision causes a series of shockwaves that travel up your hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. You want to feel that shock wave as strong as possible?

Anyone who wants no dampening (or damping) of the shockwave has simply gotten used to feeling that shock and equates it to simply being part of playing tennis. Those who have experimented with different setups prefer to have less shockwave "feel" as it provides no feedback other than the ball has been struck.

Some thoughts in this thread:
by taking away too much feel , meaning vib dampner can take away too much of the Good feel. meaning you can lose the Feel for the ball on the string. so that you lose control on the touch shots like Drop shots and spin shots. That is what Babolat struggles with every year with cortex. they are trying to take away ALL the bad vibration that causes ARM pain but keep all the good vibrations that give us feedback on your hands from the string bed.
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