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Originally Posted by ted1613 View Post
I noticed a thread about the importance of the hips in the kinetic chain and I have very stiff hips. I'm only a teen though.

I can't stretch my legs that far because of the pain on the outside part of the hips. What exercises can I do to make that area more flexible?
The hip motion shown is internal hip rotation. The range of motion for the person shown in the picture, 50, might be unusually large. ?

You should research range of motion for internal hip rotation and exactly how to measure it. If your range of motion is within the normal range your hips are not necessarily too tight. ?

This reference lists normal ROM for internal hip rotation at 35. That is considerably less than the 50 you are comparing yourself to. (Check other ROM references.) Is the ROM of your hips too small?

This second reference lists 45 as "expected" ROM.

This reference gives 35-50 ROM as normal.

I don't want to be involved in measuring what your range of motion is since I'm not qualified to measure it. Could you research ROM and estimate yours?

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