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Default Possible groin strain?

Hey folks

I had a foot strain back in late July, took about 5 weeks to recover before I could train properly. I then started back quite quickly with running twice a week, training on hard courts and sandy astro courts, and I *think* I started a small groin strain sometime mid-September (I remember starting to hobble a little bit and was tender around the right inner thigh.... I played through and it kinda went away I think.

Anyhow 3 weeks later I had a pretty darned intense week of exercise (I'm a bulky 90kg tennis player and only 1.78m, so i know I'm too heavy. Cardiovascularly I'm very fit, but I don't think my body is strong enough for the intensity of singles I play).

Monday: 90 mins side to side points play on Sandy astro...full on drilling.
Tuesday: coach led 90 mins intense drilling, hard court.
Thursday 90 mins light doubles on non-sandy carpet.
Friday 4 mile run on dirt track
Sunday 30 mins singles and then 90 mins doubles on hardcourt (4.0-4.5 sort of standard).

Anyway, midway through the sunday tennis I tweaked the groin again, not soo much as to stop playing but I started hobbling and feeling it.

It's Wednesday now, and I am not affected in everyday stuff, though it's still a little tender in the area.

Should i be resting for like a week or 2, or slow down the intensity of the tennis? Anyone got experience of this type of strain?
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