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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
There are 3 points im trying to make:

1) When a cop pulls you over and gives you a ticket, how often does that cop give you a ticket for every single thing they can? If a cop gives you 5 or more tickets you must have done something really wrong. Trust me, if they want to come up with things they can cite you for, they can.

2) Police and lines judges are "neutral parties" enforcing the rules equally across all people. How often does a player call a foot fault themselves? How often does a player call foot faults on their opponents when they themselves are winning?

3) Yes, he is entitled to call foot faults no one disputes that. It's lame given the circumstances, especially since how his opponent broke down, was totally unaware, and then ended up losing. It would be just as lame of me to call a clock on an old lady because she's taking too much time between serves and rushing her along and causing her to overly exert herself into double faulting 4 times in a row. Would you tell that old lady to "quit playing" and give me an award for being rule enforcer of the year? Of course not.
wow, you know how to stir up the hyperbole don't you? Look, you said you had never seen and couldn't imagine an instance where anything positive had come from calling a foot fault. I provided an anecdote to give a contrary example. The guy had at least one shoe completely in the court or it wouldn't even have occurred to me. As I said, almost half of the guys in USTA leagues, even at 4.5 level often have at least a toe if not a foot in the court on their serve. In hundreds of matches I've called it once, only AFTER talking to the guy about it on a changeover.

Your analogies are ridiculous, irrelevant and overblown.
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