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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
The list is sorted by the weight of the unstrung racquet in reverse order.

One of the many things amazed me is the last one, Carlos Moya, seems he used stock pure drive with nothing add to it. Even Nadal only got 19 gram more than stock aeropro drive. Make me wonder if these pros can use it as is, why can't I?
Moya's spec above are 6 Head Heavy unstrung. Strung, it would be around 9 points Head Heavy. Is the stock version of this racket really that head heavy? There is another thread somewhere in the forum with more details on a Moya racket, but I think he added lead to the head to make it so HH and had a swing weight around 370 grams.

Nadal is not head heavy but less head light than most. He also adds lead to the head and his swing weight is pretty high too - over 350 grams.

Neither uses a stock racket and both have high swing weights.
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