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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Has anyone ever seen someone call a person for a changeover when they are winning?
Did you mean to say call a foot fault if they are winning?

My answer is no I have not, but then I usually don't call it if I see it if its minor (and I'm 99.9% sure I personally don't foot fault because of my set-up, so it's not like I am oblivious to it), but if it was blatant enough, yeah, I'd call it if it was league or tourney and it wouldn't matter if I was up or down.

One guy, who is nicknamed Cheater Joe behind his back, foot faults often... this was a non USTA league on a Saturday morning... organized with about 18 people but just for bragging rights... I called him on it, of course he got ****ed. He beat me, but I called it before the match was decided.
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