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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
If you didn't at least TRY to normalize the ratings across areas, then you would definitely get the ratings "drift" that people constantly claim on here in stronger tennis areas but really doesn't actually exist and a bias towards larger areas at nationals. The normalization isn't perfect for sure, but it does do as good of a job as it can of at least eliminating the creation of hot spots whose teams win nationals every year.
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Couldn't agree more. I live in a tennis "hotbed" and we have had teams advance to, and win, nationals over the years. However, our chances of having a team accomplish this are only increased by volume of competitors. We don't get a team to nationals every year, but we are in the hunt at sectionals because captains have tons of players to choose from.

Overall though, we are pretty equal from a talent perspective with any other area of the country. Not like we can take our local league champ on a tour of the country and dominate city-by-city. That's why I see NTRP being reasonably effective at providing balanced competition. Not perfect, but pretty good.

I still feel that self rates should be ineligible for post season. They need a C to confirm their level to keep it the most fair it can be.
Agreed as well. We all know the NTRP isn't perfect and some people manipulate it or take advantage of how it works, but it is better than nothing and trying to normalize across sections is certainly better than not trying. Could it be improved? Sure, but let's not just throw it out or not try to normalize.

I also agree that self-rates are an issue, but not because they are allowed to play post-season, but more because the thresholds the USTA sets for DQs are too high and/or that they don't DQ a player after a certain point. I have seen numerous cases where my estimated DNTRP has indicated a player has 3+ results in excess of what I'd expect the threshold to be, but they don't get DQ'd. It appears, at least at the 3.5 level where I've observed this primarily, but perhaps other levels too, the room the USTA gives for "natural improvement" is too large and allows self-rates who are clearly above level to continue to play at a level.
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