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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
You are wrong about that. Ferrer would have dominated the 90s claycourt scene. BTW, if Rafa was in the 90s he'd dominate clay even MORE. The 2000s are the fastest claycourt period in history. Clay has never been faster than it is right now. Remember 2011? Federer was considered a huge chance to beat Rafa because everybody pointed out how fast the clay was, faster than ever.
The clay wasn't faster the new babolat balls were lighter and faster please do your research!!!! They have not made clay courts faster by any means but then again ***** can never see things objectively so why bother. Btw if your beloved rafa played in the 70's like Borg and would have used a wooden racket and his topspin would not even kick up half as high and would probably injure his shoulder trying.
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