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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Going along with 5263's point, it's very very important that you are "stalking" the ball or trying to find the ball with your non-hitting hand. THAT should be done as soon as possible.

More or less, when you find the ball with your non-hitting hand, you automatically initiate your unit turn. Once your hitting hand separates, you want your takeback to be ideally against the direction of your overall momentum. That gives you the smoother, more rhythmic backswing that gives you the better timing.

It's a little like throwing a football while rolling to your right. Unless I'm running at full sprint, I still want to find my target before I separate my non-throwing hand from the football. If I just separate, THEN roll out, that will end up just as a pitch or dink-and-dunk pass.
C'mon this is an example in which you just made up what you like about the term stalking. This is what 5263 said:

stalking is a turn to that side that tracks
the ball path with the 2 hands on the racket

You changed that to "non hitting hand."

Everyone has been stalking with the non-hitting hand pointed to the ball for years and years (on the FH).

5263 wants both hands on the racket, the OPPOSITE to what you are saying. It is not correct and not what the pros do.

Use of terms like stalking and finding have the advantage that people imagine the correct things (taught by most coaches and executed by the pros) and attribute that to this terminology, when in fact it is wrong.
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