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Originally Posted by Hood_Man View Post
Saying that, I've not seen the image that he posted along with the message, but knowing how the media like to sensationalise everything I'm reluctant to believe it was as gruesome as has been claimed.

I guess my point is that this sort of thing is easily done, and I can totally understand where he's coming from when he says "I was arguing with Federer fans and then I wrote something stupid." Good on him for apologising, hopefully he, the Shanghai organisers, and Federer himself can move on from this media frenzy.
The image was of a decapitated Fed and a guy in black wielding an axe. The "stupid" message stuck out from the usual website BS because the guy gave a specific date for when he intended to kill Fed (october 6); a date where he knew Fed would be in his country, and the photoshopped image obviously took a little time to come up w/ - it wasn't a "spur of the moment" reply to some Fedfans. With all the nasty stuff I've been reading on this forum for years, I've never read anything remotely like "player X is gonna be in my country on X date and I'm gonna kill him" so I do understand the caution of the authorities and the increase in protection for Fed.

But yeah it was blown out of proportion by the media when it was always most likely just some idiot at a computer w/ no real plans of violence.
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