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Finally had to cut out the 4G in one of the frames. The gut looked worn and near breaking anyway but the 4G actually started to become just harsh enough that I didn't like it. Spin was still great and control was outstanding as always. Wasn't boardy or anything extreme, just a little unpleasant over a 2 hour hitting session. Effects quickly wore off but better safe than sorry.

In any case it certainly lasts longer than other co-polys and control is outstanding. Spin not quite as good as others but still excellent in this hybrid.

With my Tours on a diet (removed about 4 grams of material from the bumper for a nimbler 200 Tour...that's 16" of lead tape!) I'm going to have one of the frames strung with a favorite, Focus Hex 1.27, so I can compare head to head with 4G. The reduced SW also dropped the power so maybe the softer Focus Hex can provide both its superior spin potential and adequate control in this new configuration. There's no TWU data on Hex 1.27 but the 1.18 shows a tension drop of about 13# at 51# reference tension. With 4G around 10# the Hex 1.27 is probably similar based on my previous experience with it.
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