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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Couldn't agree more. I live in a tennis "hotbed" and we have had teams advance to, and win, nationals over the years. However, our chances of having a team accomplish this are only increased by volume of competitors. We don't get a team to nationals every year, but we are in the hunt at sectionals because captains have tons of players to choose from.

Overall though, we are pretty equal from a talent perspective with any other area of the country. Not like we can take our local league champ on a tour of the country and dominate city-by-city. That's why I see NTRP being reasonably effective at providing balanced competition. Not perfect, but pretty good.

I still feel that self rates should be ineligible for post season. They need a C to confirm their level to keep it the most fair it can be.
Good post. I'm in NorCal Bay Area, so similar situation. Our 4.5s are not 'better' than other 4.5s, but there is a greater density of them within a manageable geographical area to choose from.

The NorCal 4.5 team that is going to Nationals is a good example. Looking at the roster, seems they are all legitimate 4.5s - no sandbaggers or self rates. But also looking at where the players are from, it looks like the captain pulled together the strongest players from several districts. You can do that when the districts are relatively close together.

And completely agree on the no self rates in playoffs. Realistically, who would that affect? Most self rated players are just happy to be playing organized tennis again, enjoy the regular season, and are not even thinking about playoffs before the season begins. The ones who would be impacted are... the intentional sandbaggers and their captains. Too bad.
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