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Default Any love for the Bio 300?

After receiving much helpful insight into the differences and experiences with the Bio range of rackets, I have settled with the Bio 300 and having played a few games, instantly went out and bought a back-up.

What a lovely racket to use for an intermediate like me. Great control on all shots, light at the net with good touch and feel. Although he wasn't a playtester, I can quote the mighty Granville and say my shots feel both crisp and precise.

The power level is good, I dont feel I am going to over hit when I put some weight behind a shot and its manouvrability helps me hit nice and deep when playing the odd recovery shot from the baseline. Saying that, I do not feel I need to apply much power as the accuracy attained is sufficient to put my opponent under pressure and the 16x19 string pattern allows plenty of spin.

All in all, very pleased and very grateful to all those who have helped.

So...who else is loving their Bio 300?
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