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Originally Posted by DavidNERODease View Post
The single packs also say Biomimetic on them - same stuff I would think. Juice is also my favourite string - slightly preferred over Tour Bite which I didn't think was possible.
lol.... I checked for myself last night.... lol... what'da'ya know... it says Biomimetic right on it... but it was really small print!!!

Guess I'm the kind of guy standing in the mall asking someone for directions to a store in the mall... and the big mall store map with the red arrow "YOU ARE HERE" is right behind me. Thanks again DND.

Hey, Tennis Warehouse! Consider carrying Dunlop Juice 16g string in a reel. I'll buy it. Oh, and by the way, it MIGHT say "Biomimetic" on it... that's ok tho. Trust me on this.
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