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Originally Posted by AnotherTennisProdigy View Post
I'm almost exactly a month younger than you and was wondering what pro life is like? Is it stressful, do you enjoy the ride?

I'm curious because I had the choice to dedicate myself to tennis at a young age or to play it casually. I chose the latter but I always wondered what it would be like if I tried to make a career out of tennis.
Life on the pro tour is definitely different from juniors. For one thing, the stakes are a lot higher, as you are playing for ATP points and money. The guys are obviously a lot stronger, so the game is quite different as well. Itís not the same kind of stress as in juniors, because you are generally the underdog when you play against the top players, whereas in juniors (at least in my case) you generally have more pressure and expectations. The rewards are greater than those on the junior tour, so I definitely enjoy playing on the pro tour. Itís something that Iíve worked for most of my life, and its great to see myself progressing through the rankings.
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