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Thanks for the feedback, guys. Jack, the Donnay Formula 100 wasn't too shabby was definitely in the running.

I played for another couple of hours with the Extreme Pro 2 last night and I can't think of many negatives, if any. It's just a flat out beast! Yes, it is heavier. I picked up the SPB at the end of a hitting session and it felt like a feather. However, it is not nearly as taxing on my arm as let's say Federer's racquet was. The extra weight really helps add that heft and court penetration that puts your opponent on the defense. 2HBH are way more fun now. With my Black and poly that I was using, I was creating too much spin and had a very difficult time flattening out shots - not anymore.

On Sunday, I can remember blocking a couple of hard, 100+ mph serves back and hitting winner returns. It is just a very solid feeling racquet. As some others have said, it is like a Pure Drive/Roddick with a lot better feel and cushion. The Pure Drive was much harder on my arm and gave me no confidence at the net.

YMMV - I remember playing with a couple other highly touted/rated racquets from the TW review team, but they are dead on with their assessment.
Prince Speedport Black with Gosen Polyquest 17 @ 61 lbs (4.5 USTA)
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