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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Go to the comments on tennis Insiders, lots of good comments besides Wayne's, including this on the European System :

1. Competitive comparison Tennis Europe is the governing body of junior tennis across Europe they run a pre-ITF European junior circuit. For the 12U age group which is un-ranked they are offering 87 tournaments across Europe this year , for the ranked 14Us the number of tournament opportunities is 175 and for the 16Us some of who are transitioning to 18U ITF circuit the number is 138. Each tournament has a minimum draw size of 32 some are 64 draws each event has a qualifier and hospitality is offered for each event alternate lists at some sites run to over 100 kids! The number of comparable USTA national events available to juniors in 2014 will be in the neighborhood of 10 15 between levels 1 2 3 and 4 ,sweet 16 and team events. OK the population catchment area in Europe is around 720mm people compared to around 330mm in the USA but you get the picture. If I was running the USTA and concerned about the fact that maybe one American is getting to the second week of the grand slams these numbers would scare the hell out of me! 100 kids on the ALTERNATE list for an un-ranked 12U event in Northern Italy when you have 87 tournaments to choose from. Talk about taking the game in the wrong direction!

I often see posts comparing the US system to a European country like, Spain, etc. What we sometimes lose sight of is that many USTA Sections have populations equivalent to whole European countries

ok, but he doesnt mention 1 word about the national tournaments that are played by everyone in France and spain. He cherry picked one example, and he didnt really make a point.

what im talking about are national tournaments, but they are all together, juniors, college/pro level guys all play the same tournaments. and because everyone is playing in the same draw....nobody has to travel very far to get good competition. and all matches count for the national ranking.

he doesnt mention anything about the 5000 national tournaments that are played in france between april and october.

im still shaking my head in disappointment
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