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Unfortunately, we are not going to playtest the ProKennex Kinetic Ki Q5 315. We have had a couple playtesters hit with the racquet (specifically Chris) and he can help you with the comparable question. After talking with Chris, he said there was quite a difference in feel between the Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro 2.0 and Prokennex Ki Q5. Additionally, he received more power from the Head Extreme Pro 2.0. He also thought both were very comfortable to play with. If he had to choose between the two, he would go with the Head Extreme Pro 2.0 out of two because he felt it was more solid, had better pop, and he liked the new grommet system.If you are looking for something more fast and snappy, he would recommend the ProKennex Q5 315.

He also compares the Q5 with the QTour in this thread:

Lastly, for a future head's up, if you would like your question to be answered by the TW playtesters (or have any other specific questions regarding TW), please post in the Questions/Comments section so it doesn't get lost in other sections.

Brittany, TW
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