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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
I don't disagree that a blanket rule of no self rates in playoffs would address the intentional sandbaggers, but it would also punish those that are still legitimate players at level. Why not just tighten the rules on DQs to err more on the side of keeping it fair for the masses rather than erring on the side of letting the self-rate keep playing? The USTA admits that the threshold for DQ is not just the top of the level and there is a buffer to allow for natural improvement, just reduce or eliminate that buffer and the problem is likely solved.
Because it's a simple solution, and there's much to be said for simplicity.

Plus, I don't think it's much of a punishment to the legit self rates. Most legit self rates are typically not thinking about playoffs, they are just happy to be playing organized tennis again, and are content with enjoying the regular season. Also, what percentage of players (self rated or not) make playoffs at all? Certainly a minority. So the 'punishment' affects only a minority of a minority of a minority (the subset of legit self rates who would genuinely be upset at not being able to play in playoffs, within the subset of self rates, within the subset of players making playoffs).

Basically, you're saying that a larger number of honest players would be disadvantaged by such a rule versus the number of dishonest players prevented from sandbagging. And I respectfully disagree and think it's the other way around.
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