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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
I don't disagree that a blanket rule of no self rates in playoffs would address the intentional sandbaggers, but it would also punish those that are still legitimate players at level. Why not just tighten the rules on DQs to err more on the side of keeping it fair for the masses rather than erring on the side of letting the self-rate keep playing? The USTA admits that the threshold for DQ is not just the top of the level and there is a buffer to allow for natural improvement, just reduce or eliminate that buffer and the problem is likely solved.
I guess the "tightening of the DQ rules" would be unnecessary in our scenario. Less grey area for folks to complain about. It would provide less incentive to fudge the self rate questions and the "masses" are less likely to be mis-rated from the get go. If they know they can't participate in post season until year 2, they won't even know that they are missing out on something.

But, realistically, we all pretty much know that teams that advance to nationals get bumped up by and large because they have become that good. So, if a self rate makes it to nationals, how do you say that they weren't cheating or, at least, talked into it?

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