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Connors's 1977 has got to be one of the best seasons in the open era that a player has had without winning a major. I think it comfortably tops his own 1975, as WCT final and Masters titles easily outweigh a runner-up appearance at an Australian Open that 18 out of the top 20 players skipped. Plus from his matches during both years that I've seen, I think that his overall 1977 level was higher than his 1975 one.

Lendl's 1982 was excellent with 15 official titles (plus 2 more unofficial ones) including the WCT finals and Masters, a US Open final appearance, and an unbeaten record against McEnroe.

Laver was banned from defending his Australian Open and RG titles in 1970 of course and had disappointing results at Wimbledon and the US Open, but won so many big titles that year, such as Philadelphia, Sydney, Johannesburg, Toronto, Los Angeles PSW and Wembley. Many people, me included, considered that to be his 7th consecutive year as the best player in the world.

Roche was a US Open finalist in 1969 and reached the semis of the other 3 majors that year, in addition to winning very big titles at Sydney (beating Laver in the final) and the German Open. Plus he must have won a decent total of unofficial titles that year but I cannot find a definitive list.

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