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Default Prince Tour Team vs Yonex Vcore 100s. ie: Too little power vs too much?

This is strange dilemma.

I'm a mostly baseliner. 3.5-4.0. Weakest part of my game is the serve, since I'm only 5'6 I need a bit of help with my serving pace.

After playtesting many racquets - my favorite two were actually very different styles.

Prince Tour Team. This needed a bit of tape, but when brought up to 11.5oz and 3pts HL, it had great control, lots of spin and good stability. I could really change the speeds on my forehands and bring people into midcourt and then blow it past them.

Pros : Control, spin, easy on the arm. Not giving away points by hitting the ball out. Maneuverable.
Cons: Needs to be modded. Lack of power on the serve. Not a great racquet at the net. Might be locking myself into a future of long rallies without easy put-aways.

Yonex 100s:

This was everything I liked about the Babolats, but much easier on the arm. Huge power, and I could serve absolute bombs with it. But its a bit unwieldy and easier to frame a ball or launch it out than with the Prince. Maybe it can be tamed a bit by going HL or by changing string setup (it still has the TW demo multi).

Pro : Awesome serve. Ample power from everywhere on the court and not too bad on the arm.
Cons: Less maneuverable. Smaller sweetspot. Power needs to be tamed. Might be setting myself up for giving away lots of points by launching ball out.

My question is this:

Is it better to go with the more powerful racquet and adjust my setup/technique to reign it in? Or the less powerful racquet and add weight + gut and hope my serve continues to get better?
Right now: Yonex Ezone Xi 100 w/ VS gut 17
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