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Originally Posted by themitchmann View Post
If everything is standardized regarding racquets, then we would loss a number if racquet companies (and therefore jobs) in the process.

Offering variety adds to the marketplace.
Not true. There were more racquet companies back during the days of wood racquets than there are today even though most wood racquets were essentially the same, i.e., much less differences between them than there are today with racquets. They pretty much were all the same size, weight, string pattern, etc. In fact, most of the companies that made wood racquets are no longer around today or are no longer making tennis racquets, e.g., Snauwaert, Davis, Spalding, Bancroft, Rossignol, Garcia, Slazenger, Le Coq Sportif, Fila, Donnay (the original company), etc. And making wood racquets was more labor intensive so they provided even more jobs than making graphite racquets today.
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