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Originally Posted by Shaolin View Post
Hey Breakpoint, in your avatar you have a picture of a guy who is using a more powerful/tech assisted frame from what he used for 20+ years. Just thought you should know.

Ps, he's using a Luxilon hybrid now.
So? What is his opponent using? If his opponent was using a wood racquet, I'm sure Sampras would have no problem using one also. In fact, Sampras did use an old Donnay wood racquet to play an exhibition match against Lendl (who was using graphite) like a year ago. Sampras still won.

And did you see that Champions Tour match in which Todd Martin took out an old wood racquet and proceeded to spank his opponent with it? He was hitting winners all over the place with that wood racquet as if he never switched. He might have played even better.
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