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Default Looking for advice

When I started stringing years ago, I used a simple drop weight machine to do my own frames. One thing led to another and I was doing all my friends frames and found myself deep into all things stringing. Long story short, I ended up with an Alpha Axis Pro (with upgrades) AND a Wise tension head.....

After some health problems, I had to back off all things tennis and find myself with this machine. I honestly have no intention of stringing for others anymore. Do I keep it? Do I attempt to sell it? Should I simplify and find an old drop weight to use instead if I can ever get back into the sport? I have some mixed emotions because it reminds me of better times, but it is also a waste to see this machine sit unused.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out. Any comments are welcomed. It has been a while since I was truly active on this board.

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