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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
A few posters have cited basketball. The dynamics are different, many, many more kids play so the pool of from which the cream rises is much deeper.

Also....for every one of the 100 games played every year by busy players, the best ones also spend countless hours shooting ball after ball after ball, all by themselves. Its so easy to practice basketball dribbling and shooting all by yourself.

Lastly, the best players have great fundamentals. Somewhere along the line, despite all the pick up games they played, they learned great fundamentals. Since the pool is so much deeper all along the way, the kids that do not put in the countless hours of practice by themselves or who do not develop fundamentals, fall away as the levels increase.
Shawn Marion has the worst jumper to ever make it to the NBA, but he can ball.

I think you proved Coach Notts point.... practice like crazy, compete like crazy. I think that's the whole gist. Too many pretty strokes with no game behind them.
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