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Geez, took my demos back in court today. IG speed still hittin nice but my ol rdis200 is.back in the running. IG speed swings easier which helps in a lot of places on the court but rdis200 feels so plush and solid. A bit harder to serve with due to my poor technique but this thing is a real Cadillac. I can't wrist balls over the net but when I use good technique it has font spin power and decent control. Igspeed is crisper almost boardy but the results are usually good.

If I could serve a little better with rdis200 id prolly end the search cuz I still got 3 of them. But I guess I always had problems with it and that's why I switched.

I shoulda demoed donnay pro one 18x20 too.darn

Is everybody still eating?
I just made giant oj,yogurt,& banana smoothie. Either I was starving or it was the best.smoothie ever. L8rs!
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