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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post

Look at this video of Wawrinka. His coach talks about his early?? take back. Since Warinka has a high takeback on his backhand, it also has that loop appearance.

This video has a pretty good explanation of the high takeback.
Very interesting links here to 2 vids where neither does the early tk back
Seems there is confusion by the poster between early and high take backs and
he seems to switch back and forth with his use of the terms.
The coach in the vid says nothing about a early tk back that I could find and
only mentions an early close of the racket.

Both of these are continuous loops after a brief stalking. Stalking looks almost
like a unit turn here where the ball comes right to them but there is an important
difference. Hunter, do you see that difference? Has nothing to do with the
high take back of this post.
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