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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
Oz, happy annual day of remembrance of your birthing! woot
i am still on my quest for the ultimate auzzie-beating-stick. but to celebrate
i will take 24hrs off. (or to rest my wrist)

geez after 1 minute on court it seemed i had thrown out the Prestiges (mid ((too demanding)) and mp ((seemed sometimes too flexy, sometimes too powerful, and sometimes too tinny))and the WilProStaff95((hit some great shots and serves but sweetspot seemed tiny)).

the igSpeed is just like i remember it. so easy to swing even with bum wrist and has both power and control. me lurves it. it was strung with multi too and it was still nice. i still like my blxproopens too cuz it has mega power and spin but you can launch it if you aren't "on" and it seems a little harder on my wrist.

i dunno. hard to demo racquets when nobody is on the other side of the court. doh!
Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
Geez, took my demos back in court today. IG speed still hittin nice but my ol rdis200 is.back in the running. IG speed swings easier which helps in a lot of places on the court but rdis200 feels so plush and solid. A bit harder to serve with due to my poor technique but this thing is a real Cadillac. I can't wrist balls over the net but when I use good technique it has font spin power and decent control. Igspeed is crisper almost boardy but the results are usually good.

If I could serve a little better with rdis200 id prolly end the search cuz I still got 3 of them. But I guess I always had problems with it and that's why I switched.

I shoulda demoed donnay pro one 18x20 too.darn
Good description of how I remember those 200s. I'd say the Pro One is too demanding. Just go with the Speeds and enjoy the consistent response already! Plus who doesn't love a black and white pj!
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