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Originally Posted by themitchmann View Post
Well, it's good for the economy...more companies mean more jobs. And Prince is an American company.

I'm surprised that that pro shop owner felt that way. Prince is one of the few companies that has tech that is actually visible. I've been using Prince my entire tennis career, and I have really enjoyed playing with a number of Prince frames (Rebels, SP Tour, O3 Tour Mid).
More companies does not always mean more jobs in the long term. For example, Wilson could sell more rackets to replace Prince rackets. And a company which is employing people but losing money is simply making owners and shareholders poorer and taking out loans it may not pay back. Prince filed for bankruptcy. In such cases, entities like creditors and vendors typically get a fraction of what they are owed, which is not good for the workers in those companies.

The pro shop owner speaks from experience because in his shop, Prince does not sell much. He also used to stock Volkl, but got away from it. Wilson, Bab, Dunlop and Head are what he focuses on.
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