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I would say the real #1 was indeed Borg, but Connors also has a decent case. Vilas was not, the 3 biggest events this year by far were Wimbledon, U.S Open, and the Masters, given the laughable fields of both Australia and Paris. Borg won one and lost the finals of another. Vilas was one, and didnt make the finals of the other two, and was owned by Borg all year long. Connors made the finals of all three, and won one. In the end Borg won Player of the Year and Connors was computer year end #1. A split of the fortunes between the two best, and just about right.
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Are you joking? Vilas, Panatta, Gottfried, Ramirez, Solomon, Nastase, Kodes, Smith and Dibbs is not a "laughable field" for the 1977 French Open. As for Borg not being there, that was his choice. How the hell do you expect Borg to win the tournament if he has ruled himself out of it?

The facts remain. Vilas won 2 majors in 1977, won 72 out of his 73 matches of the year, and won 16 tournaments in all. Borg and Connors don't have the results in 1977 to match this.
Vilas had a fantastic year in 1977 and you also have to take into account Vilas did beat Connors in the finals of the US Open and in the Masters. I can't see Connors as number one for 1977.
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